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Gynecological concerns like urinary incontinence and changes in sex lives may worry patients approaching menopause. Non-surgical vaginal tightening and rejuvenation are possible with devices like ULTRA Femme (BTL), which improves sensation and lubrication, and freedom from stress incontinence. Stem cell therapy may complement vaginal rejuvenation, helping in regenerating tissues, and restoring blood flow and muscular tone.

Dr. Tseng is absolutely amazing. He helped me when I was badly burned in a firework accident a few years back. Half of my face was burned off and I had 3rd and 2nd degree burns on my hand, my wrist, and up my arm and my neck. If it wasn't for him I don't think things would have turned out as well as they did. I barely have any scars now which is shocking considering what damage was done initially. He was an excellent provider, has seriously remarkable skills and I would highly recommend him to anyone that I care about. Thanks again Dr. Tseng!!
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