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High-definition body sculpting – Elevating fat reduction and firming to new heights in Kirkland, WA

Mark H. Tseng, M.D. Plastic and Aesthetics is taking fat loss, and tissue firming and toning, to new heights. When in Dr. Tseng’s talented hands, high-definition body sculpting in Kirkland, WA, at Plastic and Aesthetics on the Eastside, defines your natural beauty with advanced technology and techniques that maximize fat reduction and skin tightening capabilities, and minimize risks and downtime associated with traditional liposuction, and more invasive cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments.

HD body sculpting explained

Using FDA-cleared, proprietary, patented technologies and equipment, HD body sculpting delivers ultrasound energy and produces soft vibrations to precisely liquify fat cells in targeted areas. These pockets traditionally do not respond to diet and exercise because they are associated with factors that cannot be managed with traditional weight loss methods. Targeted fat cells are removed from the body with suction, through a very small tube, which supports faster healing and reduced scarring.

Due to the vibration technique, removed fat cells remain viable. They are not damaged. Healthy fat cells may be taken from high-volume areas and transferred safely and successfully to low-volume or sunken areas, such as the breasts, mid-face, and backside.

As if this wasn’t sufficient reason to move forward with HD body sculpting, this advanced alternative to traditional lipo also stimulates healthy skin retraction and collagen synthesis.

Treatable areas, treatable patients

HD body sculpting starts with a consultation. Dr. Tseng evaluates your areas of concern, medical history, and discusses your goals. Excellent candidates are those patients who are at or near their ideal weight, and who appreciate that body sculpting the HD way isn’t a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. While fat that is removed from the treatment site cannot “regrow” in that area, the best results are retained by remaining active and eating well. Fat can still be redistributed in other areas.

Dr. Tseng commonly treats areas of fat that do not budge even with lifestyle modifications, as they are influenced by factors like genetics and hormones.

  • Arms – The triceps can be difficult to tone, as excess, lax skin is often a problem. HD body sculpting has both fat reduction and skin tightening effects.
  • Back – Excess back fat tends to have a strong genetic component. So, HD technologies can shrink and sculpt in what low-fat diet and targeted exercises cannot.
  • Chin and neck –HD treatment can attain the defined jawline that always eluded you or restore contours that you once had in a single treatment. Plus, you avoid the implant rejection and other risks associated with earlier-generation approaches.
  • Thighs, hips, and middle – These areas are often the first to attract fat and the last to shrink it. Take back control of your body with techniques that focus on reducing and toning in a minimally invasive manner that does not require general anesthesia.
  • Stomach – Technology removes fat permanently, and Dr. Tseng may optimize that “six-pack” with abdominal etching afterward. Furthermore, the process of collagen synthesis promotes lasting, optimal results.

HD body sculpting also plays a starring role in mommy and daddy makeovers; for instance, men with pseudo gynecomastia can have fat cells from the chest area removed with gentle suction and without scars, hospital stays, and prolonged recovery. Dr. Tseng may discuss alternative treatments for men with gynecomastia, where glandular tissue is the culprit. Likewise, women may choose to “inflate” their breasts post-pregnancy transferring, fat from their belly or thighs to their chest.

Why patients love HD body sculpting

Improvement is immediately visible, while full results can be seen in about four weeks. Since treatment is minimally invasive, you can schedule an appointment at Dr. Tseng’s office on Friday and return to work Monday. There isn’t anything to heal from, and you can even get back to usual exercise within around two weeks. More invasive procedures can require weeks of recovery and time off of work. Since removed fat is not damaged, treatment is versatile (as the cells may be used for fat transfer). All that is generally required for comfort is localized anesthetic and pain medications. The treatment itself is about 40% faster than traditional liposuction. It can be performed in many different areas (even smaller areas of the face and knees). Notably, HD treatment does not just reduce fat. It also tightens and tones.

Experience Dr. Mark H. Tseng’s signature HD body sculpting for yourself. Call (425) 414-8553 to schedule your consultation at the Kirkland, WA office of Plastics and Aesthetics on the Eastside.

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