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Skin rejuvenation with Infini laser treatments in Kirkland, WA

Plastic surgeon Dr Mark Tseng uses Infini, an advanced technique that improves a variety of skin problems and overall skin rejuvenation.

What is INFINI?

Laser treatments work with intense beams of light energy, which is absorbed by specific components in the skin. They can vaporize damaged cells and stimulate rejuvenation. Unfortunately, the surface layers absorb light energy so readily that it is difficult to treat deep layers without causing superficial damage. Additionally, pigment is particularly susceptible to light, making the most powerful lasers risky for individuals with darker skin tones.

INFINI treatment is different. In truth, the common term “INFINI laser” is a misnomer, because it is not a laser at all. It utilizes RF energy, which has similar therapeutic properties but is gentler and more able to reach deep tissue layers. Of particular importance, RF is generally safe for all skin types and colors, because it does not unduly target pigmentation. Additionally, INFINI takes energy-based skin rejuvenation to a whole new level, by combining RF with microneedling.

A multitude of tiny, gold-coated needles deliver RF energy directly to deep tissues. Microneedling breaks up hard scar tissue, improves uptake of therapeutic serums, and triggers a healing response that leads to rapid cellular turnover. RF treatment has similar skin rejuvenation properties to lasers, with enhanced skin tightening abilities. The combination of RF and microneedling results in long-term collagen remodeling for firmer, thicker, softer, more youthful skin.

Lutronic Infini
Lutronic Infini Non Surgical Natural Face Lift and Skin Tightening

This advanced technique can improve a wide variety of skin problems, with indications including:

  • Acne scar removal
  • Stretch marks removal
  • Shrinking enlarged pores
  • Wrinkles treatment
  • Sagging skin treatment
  • Reduction of excess sebum
  • Soothing active acne breakouts
  • Overall skin rejuvenation and improvement
  • Much more

Other laser and energy-based treatments

Dr. Tseng offers a wide variety of ways to define your natural beauty, even if you aren’t ready to go under the knife. In addition to INFINI, he offers:

  • Exilis RF treatment for skin tightening
  • PicoWay laser tattoo removal
  • LaseMD skin resurfacing
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy
  • Much more

Your most beautiful skin awaits

INFINI or laser treatment can be an excellent standalone treatment or adjunct to other cosmetic enhancements. To explore your options, call Mark H. Tseng, MD – Plastic & Aesthetics at (425) 414-8553 for an appointment.

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I suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis in my right hand. Meeting and working with Dr. Tseng has been the best experience ever. He is patient, kind, pays attention to detail, explains the process to you thoroughly and in a language that you understand. If you're looking for a medical professional and has an excellent bedside manner and that does quality work this is who you want to get connected with. Although I am two weeks post-op, I can say that this is the best experience I've ever had .
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