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What Kirkland, WA residents need to know about IV infusion therapy

The men and women of Kirkland, WA are more health conscious than ever, eating better, staying  active, and working to stave off aging. Yet, all too often the feeling of wellness and appearance of healthy, glowing skin remains elusive. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to ask Dr. Tseng about IV infusion therapy, also known as drip therapy.

IV infusion treatment is covered by HSA and FSA in Krkland, WA & Auburn, WA

What is IV infusion?

If you follow the trend-setting celebrities, you’ve probably heard of IV infusion. However, it is more than a fad. It uses the same intravenous delivery method that is often employed for administering sedatives and medications in hospital settings. The difference is that IV infusion therapy does not involve prescription drugs, but rather vitamins and nutrients.

To date, there is a lack of scientific research evaluating the differences between IV infusion and oral ingestion. However, antidotal evidence from delighted patients overwhelmingly suggests tremendous benefits of IV infusion. Furthermore, it has several quite obvious advantages over oral supplements:

  • During the digestive process, a portion of oral supplements may be absorbed into the bloodstream. By contrast, IV infusion delivers the full dose directly to the bloodstream.
  • The exact bioavailability of oral supplements is impossible to predict, because it is subject to many variables including the person’s stomach contents, hydration levels, age, weight, metabolic system, and many more. IV infusion allows exact dosing.
  • Retail nutritional supplements may not be what they claim. According to Harvard Health Blog, research studies have repeatedly found discrepancies between potency claims on supplement labels and actual contents, as well as impurities and unlisted ingredients.

Try IV Infusion Therapy to give your body a boost
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What IV infusion can do for you

The human body needs food and liquid to survive, but it needs much more than that to thrive. There are 13 different vitamins that are considered essential for human health, and countless more beneficial vitamins and micronutrients. The effects of deficiency can range from fatigue to illness or dull, dry skin. IV infusion can help replenish what is lacking and give your body just the boost it needs.

Dr. Tseng is an experienced physician and he will perform a comprehensive evaluation before recommending the ideal infusion formula for you. If you want to arrange a consultation or have any questions, please call us at (425) 414-8553.

This doctor is excellent and would do anything for his patients. His work is top notch! I am an RN and very particular. I have saw his work first hand and he is awesome. He has done work on me , I wouldn't let anyone else do my surgery, only Dr Tseng. Highly recommend!!!
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