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Minimally invasive NovaThread facelift combats aging with natural-looking results in Kirkland, WA

If you’ve considered getting a facelift but the prospect of dealing with scalpels, surgery, and long recovery time have given you second thoughts, the NovaThread facelift may be just what you are looking for.

What is a NovaThread lift?

NovaThreads are among the latest aesthetic and anti-aging treatments available to Kirkland, WA area patients at Mark H. Tseng, MD Plastic & Aesthetics. This minimally invasive procedure uses threads made from polydioxanone, a material that can be naturally absorbed by your body, to produce dramatic anti-aging results. The NovaThreads are designed to:

  • Through the supportive thread framework, lift skin into a naturally beautiful V-shape, which can be lost as we age and skin begins to sag
  • Contour skin for a thinner and younger appearance
  • Provide youthful volume to areas where it naturally declines through the aging process
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production for long-lasting skin firmness and vitality

In particular, NovaThreads fill a much-needed gap in aesthetic treatment options for patients who are seeking a non-surgical facelift option for the jaw and neck area. However, patients seeking lift and youthful contours nearly anywhere on the face and neck can benefit from the use of NovaThreads!  

One of the things patients love the most about the NovaThread lift is that it does not involve any cuts, incisions, or sutures. It purely uses injections and the NovaThread technology to achieve dramatic, yet natural-looking results.

The NovaThread lift procedure

During a NovaThread lift, we use pre-loaded needles to inject the NovaThreads into strategic locations in your skin to help you achieve the results you are seeking. As the needle leaves the skin, the thread stays in place, which stimulates your skin’s natural repair and healing processes. This results in a boost in collagen and elastin around the area, which increases volume and provides a supportive network of tight, elastic fibers. The threads can also pull your skin into the natural V-shape, tightening the areas around the neck or eyebrows. About four to six months after the procedure, your body will absorb the threads naturally with a process called hydrolysis. No scars will remain after the treatment – just ageless, beautiful skin!

Anti-aging treatments are just a phone call away

If you are searching for “NovaThread lift near me” and you live in the Kirkland or Auburn, WA areas, you have found the right place. At Mark H. Tseng, MD Plastic & Aesthetics, you will receive the expert physician care you deserve and ageless, natural-looking results that will not just make you look great, but also boost your self-confidence. NovaThreads can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers.

To schedule your personalized consultation to learn more about the cost of the NovaThread lift, what to expect, and whether it is right for you, and call our Kirkland, WA office today at (425) 414-8553. Patients who live or work closer to Auburn can reach our office at (253) 461-1818.

So I had carpal tunnel surgery on both had and he is amazing he made my life better I can't thank him enough and his receptionist is always so polite she is just a joy to talk to I just want to say ty guys for all you have done for me you guys rock.
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