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Revolutionary stem cell therapy in Kirkland, WA: Unlock your body’s regenerative power, fight signs of aging

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has hailed regenerative medicine, using fat-derived stem cells, as the “future of plastic surgery.” Yet, you can benefit from stem cell therapy in Kirkland, WA now, not some far-off tomorrow, at the practice of Mark H. Tseng, M.D. Plastic and Aesthetics.

The power of stem cells

The body’s raw materials, stem cells are uniquely designed to form more new stem cells for self-renewal or to become specialized cells with more specific functions. Stem cells get a lot of attention because no other cell in the body has its natural capacity to create new cell types. Dr. Mark H. Tseng uses adult stem cells found in fat to both regenerate damaged tissues and augment areas of volume loss. Also known as Fat Autograft Muscle Injection (FAMI), stem cell therapy is characterized as a “nonsurgical facelift.” Results can last for around ten years. So, it is also an enduring alternative to dermal fillers formulated with synthetic materials.

Treating the march of time

With the passage of time, the structural support that influences the youthful appearance and softness of your skin begins to deteriorate. You start to lose the elastin that keeps your skin tight, and the collagen responsible for firmness and suppleness in your 30s. Lines and wrinkles may begin to appear. In your 40s and 50s, you may notice drastic volume loss around the eyes and in the tear troughs and sagging facial skin. As tissues continue their downward slide, cheeks may appear sunken and, the jawline may lose its definition.

Additionally, hormonal changes can alter how fat is distributed throughout your body. Fat pockets in areas such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen tend to be quite stubborn; they don’t seem to budge even with a healthy diet and exercise. FAMI can address both areas of volume loss and areas of excess volume.

The process

If after, consultation, Dr. Tseng determines you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy, he will walk you through what to expect before, after, and during the procedure. Unlike invasive surgical procedures, treatment is well-tolerated with local anesthetic and a mild sedative (as needed). General anesthesia is not necessary, which further minimizes associated risks (and can preclude some patients from treatment).

After you are comfortable, Dr. Tseng will “harvest” the stem cells from the adipose connective tissue or fat using liposuction techniques. The harvested cells are spun in a centrifuge to “purify” them, which helps the fat remain healthy and viable. These processed cells are then reinjected into your body, in the area that could use the additional volume. Not all transferred fat cells “take,” or re-establish blood supply.

As your destination for advanced techniques and technologies, Dr. Tseng may combine treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is associated with improved fat retention (survival) rates and can expedite healing. Although, with this revolutionary anti-aging approach, there is little to heal from – no “hangover” effect from anesthesia that knocks you out; no invasive cutting, staples, and stitches; and no adverse reactions or risks of rejection to synthetic materials in filler products and implants.

Use your body’s own tissues to unlock youthful contours and rejuvenate aging skin. Schedule your consultation with Mark H. Tseng, MD. Call Plastics and Aesthetics on the Eastside in Kirkland, WA, at (425) 414-8553.

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Dr. Tseng is extremely thorough and detail oriented. I've gotten Infini treatments with him and he leaves no stone unturned. He also added microneedling today because he saw textural issues on the neck and decollete' area and wanted to make sure to target those areas with extra attention. He has a club membership where you pay a certain price and get an Unbelievable package deal. There is no way you can beat this. I don't know how he does it, but he explained that he wants to make things affordable for the common person, and he has done just that. He is just an incredible doctor, his staff is wonderful, everyone is very caring and I just feel like I'm in the most capable hands. And I can't say enough good things about Theresa! They are also doing Exilis for the arms and it's the only thing that has worked for tightening the tricep/underarm area. I'm slender and athletic but even exercise doesn't help much when it's genetic. This machine does however and there is very little pain (they have the latest version). Dr. Tseng gets my highest possible recommendation, he offers a wide range of treatments and is adding more. You can't go wrong.
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